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San Marino is born, the western Roman Empire dies, and more
The Abbasids defeat a Tang Chinese army and secure Islam's foothold in Central Asia.
The army of the Fourth Crusade sacks Constantinople for the first time, Arab-Berber invaders defeat the Visigothic king of Spain, and more
Revolutionaries storm the Bastile, Crusaders conquer Jerusalem, and more
The Great Eastern Crisis begins, the Sultanate of Bengal ends, and more
The Qing dynasty begins to emerge, Constantinople falls to the Ottomans, and more
A Byzantine army defeats an Arab raiding party and, in the process, helps spark a period of imperial expansion.
The Byzantine Empire hits rock bottom (for now) just before its resurgence under the Macedonian Dynasty.
Oil is discovered in Iran, the Qing Dynasty is born, and more
Napoleon's dreams of an eastern empire are shattered, though all things considered I guess he did a fairly decent job salvaging his career.
The Aghlabid dynasty's 75 year siege finally succeeds, just in time for the Aghlabid emirate to collapse altogether.