Foreign Exchanges: the Podcast

Foreign Exchanges is a newsletter and podcast that helps you stay on top of important stories happening around the world. Derek Davison interviews scholars, journalists, and other experts to make sense of international affairs and US foreign policy.

The Brief History of the Durrani EmpireListen now (59 min) | The modern Afghan state is born in the wake of Safavid Iran's collapse.
The Fall of the Safavids and the Hotak DynastyListen now (53 min) | Is Afghanistan really the "Graveyard of Empires"?
The Bolsonaro Legacy Project, with Andrew FishmanListen now (68 min) | The Intercept's Andrew Fishman on Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's latest adventures and what will likely be his lasting gift…
Al-Mansur and the Founding of BaghdadListen now (71 min) | Celebrating Baghdad's birthday
Tigray Update, with Terje ØstebøListen now (56 min) | The University of Florida's Terje Østebø is back to discuss a somewhat shocking turn of events in Ethiopia's Tigray region and wh…
International Justice for Thee, with Elizabeth BeaversListen now (62 min) | A discussion of American impunity and our two-tiered system of international law.
Fellow Travelers and Killer Robots, with Kelsey Atherton and Andrew LeberListen now (77 min) | Kelsey Atherton and Andrew Leber join me to talk about a new progressive foreign policy effort and recent developments in the wor…
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