Write for Foreign Exchanges!

Would you like to write for Foreign Exchanges? Before I came here to Substack from WordPress I’d begun publishing guest pieces, which you can now find in the archives here. I’m biased, but I think it was a successful project that offered an outlet for new-ish writers to get themselves a byline and a little (unfortunately—see below) compensation for their work. And I’d very much like to continue it here at FX. I’m especially interested in pieces that complement and expand upon what FX is already doing, which means pieces focusing on history and/or in-depth analyses of international affairs, especially from parts of the world with which I’m not especially familiar. Ideally these would be “timeless” pieces rather than something closely tied to a specific current event.

Now, here’s the “but.” As I said there is compensation involved, but because this place is still running on a shoestring budget I’m sorry to say it’s not much, and I also don’t have the wherewithal to run a large number of these pieces (maybe two per month give or take). As we grow that will change but for now, at least, it’s the best I can do. OK

So with those caveats, if you’ve got an idea for a piece, or already have something you think would be a good fit here, I want to hear from you! Drop me a line and let’s talk:

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