World roundup: October 13 2021

Stories from Iran, Ethiopia, Russia, and more


In today’s global news:



Syrian state media is reporting yet another apparent Israeli airstrike in Syria, again in Homs province. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is claiming the strike targeted the T4 airbase, which houses pro-government foreign fighters, and that it killed at least one Syrian soldier and three militia members.


The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen claimed on Wednesday to have destroyed two Houthi-launched boats packed with explosives somewhere in the Red Sea. The Houthis have on occasion used remote-controlled boats in attacks on Saudi ports and could use them to attack commercial or military vessels as well. They haven’t made any comment about this particular incident, as far as I know.

The coalition also says its airstrikes have killed at least 108 Houthi fighters south of Maʾrib city over the past 24 hours. There is likewise no confirmation of this claim. Maʾrib continues to be the main/only active ground front in Yemen.

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