Take FX back to school!

It’s always been my hope that Foreign Exchanges, and “and that’s the way it was” before it, could be helpful to people in college, just out of college, in graduate school, you get the idea. You’re the folks who are stuck with the world we’ve left you, trying to navigate a broken economic system, conflicts around the world, and the looming (or not so looming anymore) catastrophe of climate change. I hope that FX can help in some way to keep you informed and interested in the world around us. But I also know that money is not exactly abundant, so with the start of the school year approaching I’m taking 25% off any monthly or annual FX subscription from now through August 25. Don’t worry—if you’re not a student anymore, the discount applies just the same. Sign up today:

I’m also hoping this discount makes it easier for people to participate in our subscription donation program. If those of you who have the means and the desire can donate a year’s subscription to FX, I’ll see that it gets to a college student who contacts me from their .edu or equivalent email address. We’ve got a few students waiting in line for the next set of subscriptions, and it would be great to send them back to campus with a full FX membership. If you’re interested, you can donate a subscription (at the same discounted rate) by clicking the button:

Donate Subscriptions

If you are a student and would like to get in the queue for a subscription, please contact me:

Email FX

If you know a college student, or anybody else, who would appreciate an FX subscription, you can also make direct gifts (the discount applies here too):

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Thanks for reading!