Quincy and the Blob, with Stephen Wertheim (PODCAST 7-26-2019)


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I’m joined by Stephen Wertheim (@stephenwertheim on Twitter), Co-Founder of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, Research Director of its Ending Endless War program and a Research Scholar at the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies at Columbia University. Stephen has been trying to make sense of the Blob for a while now and he’s here to share his thoughts about an overly militarized, interventionist U.S. foreign policy establishment. We discuss the development of the Blob and the role he sees the new Quincy Institute playing in trying to bring new perspective to the foreign policy debate in DC. This episode also features a guest appearance by my dog, so be sure to listen for that. Enjoy!

Quincy’s logo, pilfered from their website