International Justice for Thee, with Elizabeth Beavers

A discussion of American impunity and our two-tiered system of international law.


This week I’m joined by attorney and activist Elizabeth Beavers, who has just written a piece for Fellow Travelers titled “Ilhan Omar was Right: The Ugly Reality of International ‘Justice’” that delves into the sordid relationship the United States has had with the International Criminal Court and really with the very concept of accountability for war crimes. We’ll talk about what she aptly calls “global justice apartheid,” unpack the frequently made claim that the domestic US legal system is capable of adjudicating American war crimes, and ask whether there’s any way to subject the US to to the same standards of international accountability that Washington demands of every other nation. You can find links to Elizabeth’s writing at her website and follow her on Twitter.

Please stick around until the end for an important programming announcement.